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>I've just learned about the POP process and am considering it for a
>series of very large prints, large enough that I'd need to buy at
>least one roll of POP paper from Chicago Albumen. The paper is
>pricey and although I haven't calculated costs for the gold toner,
>I'm sure that will add up as well. I want to assess whether I'll be
>getting a print which has enough more appeal than silver gelatin to
>pay those prices.

I used to print POP a lot. I finally decided it was too expensive
and switched to Azo, which has the gloss and a sort of long scale but
is much easier and cheaper to print, imho. Also, it's always

>I'll be working with paper negatives--people have put printer's ink
>on their bodies and made imprints on paper. Thus, some parts of the
>neg are heavily inked but the lighter parts of the body are much
>less contrasty. I read that POP retains good detail in the
>highlights and works well with high contrast negs.

True. It has the longest scale of any process i've used.

>The process sounded quite simple at first: ability to see the
>results as it is being exposed and only a fixer and toner following
>that. As I read further, the process sounded finicky: touching the
>paper leaves finger prints and, more important, humidity and heat
>ruins the paper. I couldn't store a large roll in my frig, which is

I live in Houston and I didn't keep the paper in the fridge, and it
was fine. But, it's true that you can't touch the paper with your
fingers. You have to wear cotton gloves to handle it.

>I'd love to hear from anyone who is willing to share their
>experience with this paper about the above issues and any others you
>think I should be aware of.

Maybe it would be better to start with some smaller sheets and see
how you like it and see if it's worth it to you to go to the big

The thing that took some time for me was learning how to tone it
right. That was a little tricky and took some tries. Also learning
how to expose it right. Sorry I can't remember all the tricks; it
was a couple of years ago that I did this.

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