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Date: 11/04/04-03:39:31 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

Sorry to give just my own site, but I've wracked my brain and can't
think of another site that gives more than a brief description of the
process, except for Livick's site which has already been mentioned here
in the last couple of days. If anyone knows of other sites with more of
an educational and informational focus, I hope they will show up in
answer here so I can add them to my list.

That reminds me, I had always intended to have links on my website to
other gum printers' work. When I've given talks about gum, I've always
started by passing around or projecting on the screen reproductions of
many gum printers' work so the audience can get an idea of the range of
expression that gum is capable of; I wanted to do the same thing on the
site. I was keeping a list of links for gum prints at one time, but
that list isn't very current now as it goes back six years or so. So
what I'm saying is that I wish anyone who would like to have their site
linked to mine would send me their URL, and I'll put up a page of links.

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