Ammonium-Chromate vs Ammonium-Dichromate, ref drinks&safety

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Date: 11/04/04-09:32:09 AM Z
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hi list

I have been trying to wrap my head around dichromated colloids recently
and came across an article comparing sensitivity between Ammonium
Chromate and Ammonium Dichromate, concluding they were equal in
sensitivity as Ammonium Chromate change to Amm-Dichromate during the
drying, this in gelatin I think.

Did one quick test which seems to confirm this. (at least there is
definitely sensitivity there).

Now this school I am at is not happy about dichromates as in NO dichrom
down the drains. Then is the health aspects. I read up on about 5 MSDS
sheets on the net, trying to compare if Amm-Chromate was less dangerous,
however none of them gave similar rating for anything. Seems like the
main difference was that Ammonium-dichromate was a proven carcinogen in
rats, while ammonium chromate was a suspected carcinogen, but no evidence.

On the practical side, Ammonium Chromate simply looks more dangerous to
work with, as in handling the chemical. It has tendecies to that
"powdery-crystal" structure, sorry not shure how to describe it, looks
like it easily will produce a lot more dust than Amm-Dichromate.

I just wondered if anyone here has any experience/thoughts with/on this ?

Halvor Bjoerngaard.

have improved my safety ideas since I once got excpelled 1 day from a
school (different place than now:-) for making wine in the school
dormitorys darkroom.
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