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Date: 11/04/04-08:18:50 AM Z
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I have to agree with all the reponses so far. Cyanotype can be a good
place to start and the skills you learn coating papers and processing
cyanotypes transfer very easily to other processes like Van Dyke Brown
and Pt/Pd. Gum involves a different set of coating and processing
methods as well as materials (e.g., papers and brushes) so making a good
cyanotype probably isn't going to help you learn how to coat, print, and
process gum. However, cyanotypes are fun, easy, and inexpensive and
will get you hooked on alternative processes.

On the other hand, gum printing need not be difficult and you should
enjoy good success with it almost immediately. If you really want to do
gum, go for it! Then adjust your methods if you want to fine-tune your
results by consulting various texts and the list archives as others have


>>> 11/04/04 1:20 AM >>>
I have been reviewing this excellent list for quite a while now and I am

interested in getting involved in some alt process. I have a few books
on the subject, a mountain of tutorials and other files.

However, though I like the look of gum quite a bit, it looks like it is
fraught with potential disaster.

So, I was wondering: Is there a good 'first process' to try that would
give a beginner a good chance of early success?

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