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Don Bryant is too much of a gentleman to brag about his work, but he and I
have been working on gum offlist, and this morning I received images of his
first attempts. FIRST attempts, mind you. I was reaaalllly impressed. So
my advice to you is, don't take gum as being so hard. Ask Don about what he
found difficult. Ask him to send you offlist his first try (he may not be
ready yet to do this, but coax him; in fact, he is probably reading this and
ready to KILL me right now).

I agree with Peter Marshall. Why gum may seem fraught with disaster is that
once you have done it for a while you'll have bigger and bigger questions
about the process, so you will experience these what I call "prelearning
dips" where you get worse before you get better. That's the kind of stuff
we share on this list. Don't be scared off. It really is an addictive
process. In fact, I have 16x20's soaking in my bathtub right now that
hopefully will be done before I have to go to school in 36 minutes :)(cyano

You could always try the cyanotype first, and then save those for gumovers
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Subject: Good first alt process

>I have been reviewing this excellent list for quite a while now and I am
>interested in getting involved in some alt process. I have a few books on
>the subject, a mountain of tutorials and other files.
> However, though I like the look of gum quite a bit, it looks like it is
> fraught with potential disaster.
> So, I was wondering: Is there a good 'first process' to try that would
> give a beginner a good chance of early success?
> Thanks,
> Alistair
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