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On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Martin Angerman wrote:
> My hands are quite large and the nitrile gloves give me hand cramps, due to
> the decreased elasticity. I find latex more comfortable. I can wear them
> all day. The textured ones make it easier to pick up the gummi bears, also.

Sil Horowitz recommended the nitrile because it was less permeable to
chemicals, he said... but I found all tight gloves of whatever persuasion
very uncomfortable... and a pain to take off & put back on, as needs to be
done (in my practice at least) about every 2 minutes.

Those nice loose polysomething gloves that beauticians use are convenient
for many purposes -- they spring a leak every hour or so, but they're
cheap & really easy on & off. For heavier work I like Playtex latex with
the flock lining -- bought at the supermarket -- also easy on and off,
which in my work flow means they get used. Otherwise every so often I just
grab something with bare hands... ALWAYS a mistake and sometimes disaster.


> If you have a mild reaction, cortisone can help.
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> As someone with asthma and allergies, let me also note that latex is
> NOT the best choice for gloves, especially if someone intends to do lab
> work more than a few times.Latex is not inert, many many people in the
> medical profession had to change careers before the latex free gloves
> came out.
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