Formaldehyde toxicity redux

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Since we are a bit back on the subject of chemical toxicity I thought I would
pass on to those with an interest a reference book that I recently came
across while at work. I have no particular interest in this subject and certainly
am not trying to get it going again. The book is "Formaldehyde Sensitivity
and Toxicity" by Susan E. Feinman, Ph.D., by the CRC Press, Inc. of Boca Raton,
FL with ISBN 0-8493-4789-0 and can probably be found through an inter library
loan. It is a 220 page review and analysis of all of the current medical and
scientific literature pertaining to formalin and formaldehyde sensitivity and
toxicity, ie more than most of us ever wanted to know about the subject but
the definitive reference for those with an interest.

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