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      I've seen a photo somewhere of Steglietz (sp)
and his press. I suppose old photograuve presses
might still be around. But it might take a bit
of hunting around.

Rich wrote:
> Gord writes:
> "I bought the book:
> Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the Process
> by David Morrish, Marlene Maccallum
> If you haven't read it, I think it would provide all the
> information you
> need to start photogravure. I just need a press :) "
> Hi Gord, thanks for all the good information you've offered. I have the
> Morrish book, and i'm on the third reading of it. As for the press... i
> waited 20 years to get mine :o)
> "For Gum printing I use a vaccum frame similar to what Dave Rose has
> described. A sheet of plywood with grooves, pegboard and mylar
> with a
> vaccuum cleaner for suction."
> This is something i need to read more about.... where can i find a more
> detailed description?
> Thanks again,
> susan
> Susan Daly Voss
> lower upstate NY
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