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Hi Temi -

In a nutshell, it's not easy. I use various techniques and they don't work
consistently. At this juncture, it is hit-or-miss. The nice thing is that,
unlike paper, if the picture is ruined, the aluminum can be made good-as-new
again. And gum is cheap.

I'll try to get into detail at a later time. I'm really swamped. My advice
for now: work on mastering the process on paper. It took me two years of
gum work before I tackled smooth surfaces, and another two years before I
could (occasionally) make it work.

sorry to be a wet blanket!

More later


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Hello Keith,
I enjoyed viewing your site. Your gum prints on aluminum especially
intrigued my interest. Do you apply the sensitizer directly to the
aluminum or is the aluminum processed in some way before applying
I am fairly new to the gum process and would love to try using aluminum
as a base.
Thank you in advance,

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A bit of self promotion:

I've added 40 new works to my website.

I've changed the format to (hopefully) make it more accessible to

Thanks for looking!

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