Re: drinking in the darkroom

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Date: 11/03/04-08:47:09 AM Z
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On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 10:04:41AM -0400, Bob Kiss wrote:
> Think of all of the platinum chlorplatinite, fix, ferricyanide (or is it
> ferro?), developing agent, and other forms of dust those sticky little bears
> attract...let alone the chemicals they will pick up from your hands unless
> you do a pre surgical scrub. I will leave them in a jar right outside the
> darkroom door and step out to eat a few as a reward for each successful
> print...after I have removed my vinyl gloves and rinsed and dried my hands.

Forget about the chemicals that a gummy bear will attract- I wonder what kind
of chemicals make up one of those things.
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