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I went into my local chemical supply house to buy hydroquinone
yesterday. "Why do you wnat it?" was the question. "How will you use
it?" etc.
"Gee, are you guys on a Bush agenda", I asked.
"You'd better watch out what you say in an area that votes Republican",
came the answer.
Then, through more interrogation and finding the rice was sixty bucks
per pound I decided to retreat . . but, lo, my moxie shifted into a
higher phase and queried them as to what they knew about chemistry for
photography (they proudly sell Christopher James' book) and they
actually knew zilch.
"Well, hey, check out photo grade", says I.
They did . . . . . and I walked outta there for $20 and a lb. of
the "illegal" substance.
Heck, I even told 'em that it is recommended to use a paste to remove
age spots on the backs of hands.
Gee . . what's this world coming to?

On Nov 2, 2004, at 1:46 PM, Bob Kiss wrote:

        Hydroquinone was one of the phenols to which I had become sensitized
due to
build up in my liver and fatty tissues.
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