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Date: 11/02/04-06:04:14 PM Z
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Hi again Kees

>Hi Hans and Chia
>>We are now planing to try the pyro-ink-neg but
>>due to the price of Epson Ink we thought it
>>could be possible to use MIS UC variant for the
>>2100 printer.
>>So the question is if the MIS color ink works as well as their UT ink.
>Just after sending my post I reread yours' and
>understood you where actually asking about the
>color inkset. I have the MIS (perpetual)
>archival color inkset (pigment) in an epson 1200
>and this is definitively a no go for transparent
>media like copyjet.

Yes, we tried that ink some years ago and did the
same experience. But as the new color ink should
be a clone of Epson UC (they say) it would have
been nice to know if it worked together with
transparent medias.

>>Are you satisfied with QTR (2.0)?
>Yes very much. I started at a very early stage
>with QTR (beta 1) and made curves and
>linearizations with the help of my old X-Rite
>310X densitometer. No grittiness here and better
>results than the PiezoBW plugin I used before
>with Cone and MIS FS inks. The roark curves I
>never tried.
>I leave out the (photo)black when printing
>(gum)negatives. This can be done by making a QTR
>curve that disables the K ink output. With the
>black ink in there are density jumps in the deep
>dark grey and black region of the negative that
>are very difficult to linearize. This is where
>the black and grey inks behave different in
>transmitted and reflective light. Using only 3
>greys the behavour is much more even in
>transmitted light.

Maybe we did something wrong but we can't
understand what. Everything seemed to work as the
instruction told and the curves looked as
Our idea to use QTR for neg was the possibilty to
disable the toner (hex ink) and trying to
"strangle" the black.
We made our linearization for the 7500 (ordinary
b/w printing) but as we couldn't get it to work
we did never continue with the neg idea.
What DR do you achive with your setup?

Hans & Chia

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