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Date: 11/02/04-02:40:37 PM Z
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I found the comparison of the two sets of negs interesting. I used to
use CMYK but have reverted to RGB for the reasons Katherine states -
that I would get colour in places that I didn't want as I see
it, CMYK is set up for plate printing, not the situation where you apply
a layer of colour over the whole surface. With plate printing, you only
get colour where the plate has been bitten......this would be why when
you send alt negs to a professional imagesetter you have to change the
curves so dramatically. Anyway, the plate will be bitten to give colour
wherever it is needed in the CMY separations, then the density is added
by the black layer.I believe quite a few gum printers use just the CMY
negs, but this didn't work for me - I could never get decent density
without staining. So now I use RGB with occasionally a K generated by
separating the same image into CMYK and then dramatically reducing the
density of the K neg. I'm not too keen on the look I get with this
though so use it only sparingly with a very light layer of pigment. I
also now tend to use Cyanotype for my C layer, although this may change
as I'm still in the experimental stages with my work even after all this
time :(


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