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I would recommend checking print shops in your area to see if they have
any used UV plateburners that might be slated for discard. Last year I
was able to acquire a NuArc 26-1K unit (which also includes an exposure
integrator and vacuum bed) as a free donation to the school darkroom.
Many print shops would probably let you have one cheap or free since
there is a huge shift to direct digital methods now. Ebay is another
source for them. It sure is more convenient and consistent than the
homemade UV tube box I built several years ago. I've found the
plateburner to work better for gum, VDB, salted and POP although perhaps
not as well for cyanotype.

I'll never go back to using UV tubes for gum. The plate burner, metal
halide lamps, or photofloods work so much better with gum IME.


>>> 11/02/04 11:01 AM >>>
I just subscribed, and would like to say hello, and introduce myself to

I've been a painter and printmaker for many years, and viewed
photography as
more of a hobby. I shot primarily 35 mm and had a simple "bathroom
i'd set up a couple of times a year. Last year brought a turning point
though, when i married " a man with a darkroom and a large format camera
", and now
i find myself lurking at alt photography sites and having dark thoughts
coating all my printmaking and other fine art papers with light
concoctions. ok... i've admitted it. here i am.

processes i'm especially interested in are gum bichromate and
I'm smitten with the look of both, and they seem suited to my skills in
painting and printmaking. I've been doing a lot of reading, including
the archives
here, and i'm now ready to start ordering some supplies and getting set
The learning curve is steep! one of my first tasks is to build a UV
unit. Any advice about that would be appreciated, as would the latest
information about buying the G35 carbon tissue ( do i have to buy a
whole roll? yikes
$$$$ ).

Thanks for all the information i've already gotten from the archives
I'm looking forward to joining in.

all the best,
Susan Daly Voss
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