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Judy Seigel wrote:

> I put "manual" in quotes above, because, as I've said on this list
> before, it had a remarkable lack of information, such as failing to
> state the precise colors he used, let alone the mix. Not to mention a
> couple of false statements (eg about am di being NG because it
> stains). That is, description of the business end of the process was
> vague to non-existent -- except specifying *development* down to the
> second ! Though he did say he applied the di/bichromate with an airbrush.
> As I recall that "manual" (around here somewhere), it was 46 pages
> with wide margins, big type and double spacing, also 4 of the 46 pages
> were entirely blank for "NOTES" !

I'm only beginning to learn gum printing. However, these statements are
highly unreasonable in my opinion. I'm very glad I bought Livick's
"manual". Perhaps is could better be called a compendium. Of course it
does not serve all solutions on a platter. What it does give you is a
good number of tips ad tricks, including a few things best avoided.
Btw., you should recount those pages (mine has 62, plus 3 color plates,
blank pages are not numbered, as far as I can tell). I have learned more
from these few pages than from several books read on the subject (well,
OK, not whole books, but still).

There are details missing from his description (one very imprtant one is
safe handling and disposal of dichromate. Recommending the use of
mercuric chloride as a preservative is also not a good idea. This is far
to toxic to use unless you have good laboratory safety equipment.).
However, none that can not be figured out by reading other sources in
parallell. There is also an update on his web-page dealing with
selection of papers and pigments.

I'm glad experienced and accomplished practitioners take the time to
share some of their "secrets". So, my recommendation to you all: Get
Livick's compendium if you want to learn about how one of the best gum
printers around does his stuff. Use what suits you, and skip the rest.
Read other material to fill in the gaps. And be grateful that these
things are published at all. I am.

Best regards,

Tom Einar Andersen
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