Re: color accuracy in gum bichromate

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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Good morning,
> How nice to see such list traffic after a very quiet spell.
> I wanted to offer my two cents about accurate gum color.

Well said, I couldn't agree more. I've often said that tricolor is the
least interesting thing to do with gum; it's like working on an assembly
line unless you go out of your way to alter the color or otherwise make
it more interesting somehow. I essentially stopped doing tricolors about
five years ago because I got really bored with it, at least tricolors
that approximate a true color print (though my goal was never to
replicate a color photo; I always softened the colors, at least, to keep
them from looking too Kodacolor, as I detest the supersaturated look of
modern color photos).

For a while after that with few exceptions I did only
monochrome-appearing work (they weren't true monochromes because they
had layers of different color in them) and then for a while I stopped
working altogether because of health problems and burnout, but gradually
I'm thinking more of working in color again, but a different kind of
color, a different use of color. I've been poring over a Pinhole
Journal with some of Sarah Van Keuren's work. Not that I intend to copy
her work or her method, but something about the way she used one
negative and made a color gum picture by selectively placing color in
different areas (at least that's the idea I've gotten from looking at
these color pictures of hers) I find very intriguing.
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