Re: CMYK separations on Adobe Photoshop

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/01/04-04:15:12 AM Z
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Joe Smigiel wrote:
. My point here was only that
> RGB doesn't necessarily produce this brown weirdness that you showed,
> and it sounds like you didn't mean to imply that it does, in which case
> there's no argument.
> Katharine
> Yes. I caught the part about how you think my prints exhibit that
> "brown weirdness."

What? I don't think I understand anything that's going on here, and I
should probably bail out of this conversation entirely, as it seems to
be going from bad to worse. The phrase "brown weirdness" referred only
to the RGB-separated gum print you showed in your side by side test. It
looked very yellow-brown on my monitor, and to me that's a very weird
color balance, that's all I meant. I thought that was the point, in
fact, of the comparison, that the RGB color separations gave a weird
color balance. If that wasn't the point, then I'm completely lost. I
certainly didn't mean to offend anyone by saying that I haven't seen a
weird color balance like that in using RGB color separations; if I have
inadvertently done so, I am very sorry.
Katharine Thayer
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