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Date: 11/01/04-08:33:39 AM Z
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If you are using a reflection densitometer to evaluate results make
sure that the width of the steps to be read is not greater than the
reading aperture of your densitometer. I would recommend the
Stouffer TP 4X5 step wedge. It is available in both 21 step and 31
step versions and allows a convenient test of 4X5" (with reading area
1/4" wide) to be printed. If the reading aperture of your
densitometer is small enough you could probably make do with the
small and inexpensive Stouffer T2115.

BTW, Mark has recently produced in conjunction with Stouffer a
31-step tablet for precision digital negative calibration and it is
very easy to read.

Sandy King

>Hi all,
>I am about to purchase my first step wedge for alt-photo. Mark Nelson's
>book recommends the Kodak or Stouffer wedges. Due to price, I will be
>buying a Stouffer 21-step wedge but the question is, which one is correct
>for alt-photo work.
>Will the T2115C transmission step wedge be what I need?
>Thanks in advance.
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