November 2004 Alt-Photo-Process-L By Subject

SubjectAuthor Date
2200 Inks for 4 color printers??
 Kees Brandenburg 11/11/04-04:30:12 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/11/04-10:03:25 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/10/04-08:20:45 AM Z
A D-76 Recipe from Developing by CI Jacobson
 Peter Marshall 11/28/04-08:28:32 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/27/04-12:26:21 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/27/04-03:23:49 AM Z
 Michael Healy 11/26/04-03:49:32 PM Z
 Sean 11/25/04-10:43:15 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:52:54 PM Z
Alt-hardeners (was: Help with what I believe is a hardening issue)
 Alberto Novo 11/17/04-01:47:22 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 [email protected] 11/01/04-12:00:00 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 [email protected] 11/29/04-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/22/04-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/15/04-12:00:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/08/04-12:00:01 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/01/04-12:00:00 AM Z
Ammonium-Chromate vs Ammonium-Dichromate, ref drinks&safety
 halvor 11/04/04-09:32:09 AM Z
Analog Color Separations - Help!
 Don Feinberg 11/23/04-09:40:58 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/23/04-08:46:51 PM Z
 Sean 11/22/04-03:58:55 PM Z
 Sean 11/22/04-03:43:45 PM Z
Beautiful Palladium Prints
 Jim Strain 11/28/04-03:44:58 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/28/04-11:08:05 AM Z
Beginner Question: Digital Negative to Silver On Variable Contrast Paper
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/06/04-09:11:41 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/06/04-08:38:52 PM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 11/06/04-06:58:52 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/06/04-05:16:57 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/06/04-04:04:11 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/06/04-03:25:38 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/05/04-10:31:36 PM Z
Bienfang 538
 REDROCKET 11/28/04-08:32:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/28/04-07:12:33 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/28/04-07:57:40 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/27/04-09:53:11 PM Z
Black out material
 John Cremati 11/22/04-04:56:09 PM Z
Boomerang: Upside down curves
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/08/04-09:18:37 AM Z
Bromide Papers
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-04:31:09 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/12/04-04:02:22 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-03:49:03 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/12/04-03:19:47 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/12/04-02:56:33 PM Z
bromoil, anyone?
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/14/04-05:18:21 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 11/14/04-11:40:07 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/14/04-12:24:08 AM Z
 Tom Micklin 11/13/04-12:27:29 PM Z
 henk thijs 11/13/04-11:36:27 AM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/13/04-11:27:42 AM Z
 STUART GOLDSTEIN 11/13/04-09:16:04 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/13/04-08:49:59 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/13/04-08:08:17 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/13/04-07:50:17 AM Z
cats can
 Judy Seigel 11/19/04-11:06:01 PM Z
Changes in Arches?
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/28/04-11:42:16 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/28/04-12:48:45 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/28/04-10:47:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/27/04-11:42:20 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/27/04-11:28:07 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/28/04-01:42:24 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/27/05-11:53:19 PM Z
 Kate M 11/27/04-04:38:41 PM Z
 Mike Klemmer 11/27/04-02:48:09 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/27/04-02:26:03 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/27/04-04:55:05 AM Z
 Kate M 11/26/04-11:05:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/26/04-11:54:04 AM Z
 Marie Wohadlo 11/03/04-08:50:49 AM Z
chemical allergies and sense was( drinking in the darkroom)
 Judy Seigel 11/03/04-11:30:20 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 11/03/04-10:20:09 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/03/04-12:56:05 AM Z
 nwlorax 11/02/04-11:20:33 PM Z
chemicals in UK
 Iain 11/19/04-08:56:19 AM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 11/19/04-08:40:44 AM Z
citations, smitations
 Judy Seigel 11/06/04-08:05:57 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/06/04-07:35:59 AM Z
CMYK separations on Adobe Photoshop
 Keith Gerling 11/05/04-10:39:53 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/05/04-07:46:34 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/05/04-01:11:26 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/04/04-08:36:07 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/04/04-08:52:45 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/04/04-06:26:22 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/04/04-06:23:55 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/04/04-03:10:13 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/04/04-02:58:08 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/04/04-06:02:40 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/04/04-05:15:53 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/03/04-01:41:39 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/03/04-03:33:11 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/03/04-03:25:37 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/03/04-01:21:59 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/03/04-02:41:48 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/03/04-11:44:17 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/03/04-01:11:45 PM Z
 Kate M 11/02/04-02:40:37 PM Z
 Manuel Gal�n 11/02/04-07:04:18 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/01/04-06:58:59 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/01/04-04:15:12 AM Z
Coating of Glass Tin Side
 John Cremati 11/13/04-09:51:18 AM Z
Coating Rod Basics
 Tod Gangler 11/24/04-11:47:06 AM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/24/04-08:59:32 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:27:49 AM Z
 Jason DeFontes 11/24/04-12:39:53 AM Z
 Michael Healy 11/23/04-11:24:36 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/23/04-07:57:46 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/23/04-12:39:37 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/23/04-12:10:41 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/23/04-11:30:29 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/23/04-10:42:43 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/23/04-10:51:04 AM Z
 Rodolpho Pajuaba 11/23/04-10:31:13 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/23/04-10:21:28 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/23/04-10:11:25 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/23/04-09:54:36 AM Z
Coating Rod Basics - steel
 Marie Wohadlo 11/24/04-10:30:12 AM Z
color accuracy in gum bichromate
 T. E. Andersen 11/01/04-09:52:48 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/01/04-09:03:40 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/01/04-05:04:52 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/01/04-08:25:51 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/01/04-07:09:12 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/01/04-06:40:39 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/01/04-05:17:37 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl 11/01/04-04:34:55 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/01/04-03:06:10 AM Z
Colour of Van Dyke Prints...
 Joe Smigiel 11/14/04-11:01:16 AM Z
 Christina 11/14/04-10:01:07 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/14/04-09:41:05 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/14/04-09:24:18 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/14/04-09:23:33 AM Z
 philippe berger 11/14/04-08:23:35 AM Z
 Christina 11/14/04-08:17:19 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/14/04-02:51:51 AM Z
 Christina 11/14/04-02:41:35 AM Z
copyjet film.
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/13/04-02:22:36 AM Z
Crane's Museo
 [email protected] 11/15/04-08:00:20 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/14/04-05:52:29 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/14/04-05:27:44 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/14/04-05:22:40 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/14/04-05:17:58 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/14/04-05:09:20 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/14/04-04:59:15 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/14/04-04:48:24 PM Z
 Susan Huber 11/18/04-07:29:33 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 11/17/04-07:18:09 AM Z
 Phillip Murphy 11/16/04-09:47:22 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/16/04-04:47:39 PM Z
 Marie Wohadlo 11/16/04-02:17:34 PM Z
Digital Neg > Cyanotype, request for info.
 Alex Swain 11/30/04-09:35:10 PM Z
Digital Negative Question
 Sandy King 11/30/04-11:51:42 AM Z
 Alex Swain 11/30/04-07:28:18 AM Z
 Michael Healy 11/29/04-03:12:24 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/28/04-11:02:50 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/28/04-06:00:55 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/28/04-04:13:58 AM Z
 Hisun Wong 11/28/04-12:03:58 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/27/04-09:32:48 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/27/04-04:51:06 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/27/04-04:43:52 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/27/04-03:43:54 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/27/04-03:30:37 PM Z
 Michael Healy 11/27/04-01:36:23 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 11/27/04-12:31:28 PM Z
 Mike Kirwan 11/27/04-11:46:04 AM Z
digital negative work flow
 Mike Kirwan 11/26/04-05:23:47 PM Z
Digital Negatives
 Jeff Dilcher 11/08/04-12:52:14 PM Z
 Charlotte 11/08/04-05:41:39 AM Z
Digital negatives and Cyanos
 Timo Sund 11/21/04-04:06:17 AM Z
Digital negs
 jacques verschuren 11/08/04-02:18:53 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/08/04-12:45:38 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/07/04-09:43:39 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 11/07/04-09:22:13 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/07/04-08:23:59 PM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 11/07/04-08:07:52 PM Z
 Marilyn 11/07/04-05:53:05 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/07/04-02:59:59 PM Z
 Marilyn 11/07/04-11:21:29 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/05/04-11:32:32 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/05/04-09:30:29 AM Z
 Marilyn 11/05/04-08:53:18 AM Z
drinking in the darkroom
 Susan Huber 11/04/04-09:43:39 PM Z
 Susan Huber 11/04/04-09:42:28 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-12:24:22 PM Z
 Timo Sund 11/03/04-11:45:55 AM Z
 bsinger 11/03/04-11:40:40 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/03/04-10:02:32 AM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 11/03/04-08:47:09 AM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/03/04-08:04:41 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/03/04-07:14:02 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 11/03/04-05:25:38 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/02/04-11:26:01 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/02/04-10:26:40 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/02/04-10:18:12 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/02/04-10:17:28 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/02/04-10:03:26 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/02/04-09:45:23 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/02/04-04:08:18 PM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/02/04-03:46:26 PM Z
 Kate M 11/02/04-02:45:49 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/02/04-01:43:40 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/02/04-11:02:36 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 11/02/04-10:17:07 AM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/02/04-09:21:25 AM Z
 Adam. Waterson 11/02/04-09:15:19 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/02/04-09:07:58 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/02/04-09:00:14 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/01/04-08:29:04 PM Z
Dust free environs
 John Cremati 11/20/04-12:29:47 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-11:21:22 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-11:12:42 PM Z
 Barry Kleider 11/18/04-10:55:21 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-10:44:14 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/18/04-10:35:12 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/18/04-09:12:15 PM Z
 Jeff Sumner 11/18/04-06:45:27 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-06:30:34 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-06:29:45 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-06:06:44 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-05:28:54 PM Z
 John Cremati 11/18/04-05:03:34 PM Z
 Alistair Calder 11/18/04-04:41:53 PM Z
Dust free environs ( back on topic.).
 John Cremati 11/20/04-01:35:39 AM Z
DVD quality movies
 Araceli Wray 11/11/04-07:03:17 PM Z
Easy RGB Separations for gum
 Katharine Thayer 11/27/04-05:01:47 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/26/04-05:54:55 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/30/04-09:03:17 PM Z
 SteveS 11/30/04-08:58:51 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/30/04-07:42:19 PM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/30/04-01:58:06 PM Z
Film without an antihalation backing
 [email protected] 11/23/04-11:17:28 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/23/04-11:02:34 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 11/23/04-10:40:07 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/23/04-08:53:04 PM Z
 Alex Swain 11/23/04-08:35:07 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/23/04-08:10:35 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/23/05-06:38:46 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/22/04-10:14:23 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/22/04-10:04:01 PM Z
 Jeff Sumner 11/22/04-09:53:47 PM Z
 Jordan Lee 11/22/04-09:36:08 PM Z
Flatbed digipack
 Timo Sund 11/15/04-12:47:19 PM Z
follow-up doctors american directory, 7,000 hospitals, 25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors.
 Jenifer Riley 11/26/04-02:47:42 AM Z
Formaldehyde toxicity redux
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:55:06 PM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/10/04-10:16:42 AM Z
 Robkin, Eugene 11/10/04-10:08:30 AM Z
formula needed: Gum Arabic from powder
 [email protected] 11/26/04-04:41:47 PM Z
 Catherine Rogers 11/24/04-05:43:56 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-09:29:17 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-09:20:10 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-09:26:07 PM Z
 Sean 11/24/04-09:07:45 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/24/04-04:06:03 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 11/24/04-04:02:24 PM Z
 Jason DeFontes 11/24/04-03:32:55 PM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/24/04-03:05:50 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/24/04-02:01:28 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:06:35 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/24/05-08:36:57 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/24/04-08:33:54 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/24/05-08:19:07 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/24/04-07:57:23 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:40:52 AM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/24/04-01:41:34 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/24/04-12:52:10 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/23/04-11:09:07 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 11/23/04-10:42:21 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/23/05-07:38:38 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl 11/23/04-02:27:12 PM Z
Fwd: Bromide Papers
 Gregory Blank 11/12/04-04:04:22 PM Z
gelatin hardening for gum
 Joe Smigiel 11/04/04-03:53:01 PM Z
Good first alt process
 Dave Rose 11/06/04-09:38:41 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/06/04-07:57:31 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/06/04-07:30:45 AM Z
 philippe berger 11/06/04-07:06:49 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/06/04-06:58:54 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/06/04-12:34:43 AM Z
 Alistair Calder 11/06/04-12:03:41 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/04/04-10:54:24 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/04/04-04:03:49 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/04/04-04:13:49 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/04/04-03:39:31 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/04/04-02:44:45 AM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 11/04/04-08:47:30 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/04/04-08:18:50 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/04/04-07:33:19 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/04/04-07:26:55 AM Z
 Peter Marshall 11/04/04-03:21:30 AM Z
 Kate M 11/04/04-01:38:16 AM Z
 Alistair Calder 11/04/04-12:20:25 AM Z
gum prints from digital color sepations. (Since the topic has
 [email protected] 11/01/04-12:59:04 AM Z
gum prints from digital color sepations. (Since the topichas beenbrought up)
 philippe berger 11/01/04-09:20:07 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/01/04-07:00:52 AM Z
 philippe berger 11/01/04-01:13:32 AM Z
Hardware Question: monitors
 Alex Swain 11/24/04-10:26:45 AM Z
 Jason DeFontes 11/24/04-12:34:28 AM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/23/04-04:32:10 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/23/04-04:29:10 PM Z
 Alistair Calder 11/23/04-04:17:56 PM Z
Hardware Question: monitors Aperture Grill
 Mike Kirwan 11/24/04-12:37:48 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/24/04-12:23:33 PM Z
Have anyone tired this?
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/15/04-08:45:39 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/15/04-06:06:06 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/15/04-03:27:56 AM Z
 Schuyler Grace 11/14/04-10:09:58 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 11/14/04-09:46:23 PM Z
 Timo Sund 11/13/04-11:25:07 AM Z
Have anyone tried this?
 Timo Sund 11/15/04-08:04:47 AM Z
Heating gelatin. Consequences?
 Judy Seigel 11/12/04-06:01:46 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-10:27:19 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/12/04-09:37:49 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/11/04-05:24:50 AM Z
Help with what I believe is a hardening issue
 Judy Seigel 11/24/04-10:51:02 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:32:25 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/24/04-01:17:51 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/23/04-09:46:53 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/23/04-05:43:20 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/22/04-10:59:26 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/22/04-10:49:41 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/22/04-10:40:26 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/22/04-10:01:23 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/22/04-09:22:10 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/22/04-09:03:50 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/22/04-10:56:57 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/22/04-10:52:05 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/22/04-10:33:37 AM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/22/04-09:44:42 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/22/04-12:11:47 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/21/04-02:11:28 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/16/04-08:35:48 PM Z
 Alberto Novo 11/16/04-12:59:56 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/15/04-12:24:36 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/14/04-01:14:19 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/13/04-06:10:12 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-12:25:30 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/12/04-01:55:32 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-03:15:26 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/12/04-08:28:30 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/12/04-05:56:29 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/12/04-05:40:36 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/12/04-01:55:32 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/12/04-01:57:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-05:54:43 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-01:43:23 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/12/04-12:53:24 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/12/04-12:39:40 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/12/04-12:17:25 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/12/04-11:32:37 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-03:28:25 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-03:19:32 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-10:19:21 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-10:04:48 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/12/04-10:13:13 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-01:52:22 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/12/04-09:42:02 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/12/04-09:37:22 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-09:23:07 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/12/04-09:23:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/12/04-01:19:30 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-01:43:38 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-12:33:53 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-12:40:30 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-01:05:38 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/11/04-07:54:14 PM Z
 Kate M 11/10/04-10:47:07 PM Z
 ericawd 11/10/04-06:37:05 PM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/10/04-10:12:47 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/10/04-08:55:48 AM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/10/04-08:43:29 AM Z
 T. E. Andersen 11/10/04-08:33:15 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/10/04-12:53:09 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/10/04-12:28:59 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/09/04-10:29:52 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/09/04-10:13:50 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/09/04-08:26:51 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/09/04-07:51:20 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/09/04-07:23:03 PM Z
 ericawd 11/09/04-06:36:05 PM Z
Help with what I believe is a hardening issue but wasn't
 Judy Seigel 11/15/04-01:41:46 PM Z
 ericawd 11/14/04-06:38:57 PM Z
I am looking for Kodak Disposable Panoramic Camera
 Mustafa Umut Sarac 11/15/04-04:50:09 AM Z
Inkjet negatives and Van Dyke Brownprints
 Joe Smigiel 11/20/04-04:28:21 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/20/04-11:20:25 AM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/20/04-10:23:38 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/20/04-10:15:38 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/20/04-09:33:06 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/20/04-09:22:51 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/20/04-03:11:35 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/20/04-02:36:55 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/20/04-12:09:19 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/19/04-11:09:09 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/19/04-10:51:43 PM Z
 Grace Taylor 11/19/04-07:28:30 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/19/04-07:15:12 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/19/04-03:51:47 PM Z
 Grace Taylor 11/19/04-12:13:43 PM Z
 Dennis Moser 11/19/04-11:48:53 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/19/04-10:50:39 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/19/04-10:40:14 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/19/04-10:34:57 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/19/04-10:26:14 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/19/04-10:17:21 AM Z
 Grace Taylor 11/19/04-10:07:36 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/19/04-07:29:00 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-11:57:53 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/18/04-09:59:27 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/18/04-09:20:21 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/18/04-07:45:50 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/18/04-07:31:56 PM Z
Insults on the list
 Robert W. Schramm 11/19/04-09:42:13 PM Z
 SteveS 11/18/04-11:03:46 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/18/04-11:01:16 AM Z
Introduction, and a question
 Rodolpho Pajuaba 11/16/04-06:06:30 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/12/04-06:06:20 PM Z
 Rodolpho Pajuaba 11/12/04-02:04:03 PM Z
Is William Linne with us?
 andrew Lindy 11/24/04-02:50:18 PM Z
Je vais a Paris!
 [email protected] 11/25/04-12:23:43 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/24/04-10:05:30 PM Z
 SteveS 11/24/04-06:30:04 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/24/04-02:45:11 PM Z
 Ayral 11/24/04-02:14:20 PM Z
 Ayral 11/24/04-02:10:30 PM Z
 Ed Stander 11/24/04-01:57:31 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/24/04-01:54:44 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/24/04-01:32:56 PM Z
 nze christian 11/23/04-03:20:55 PM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/23/04-08:09:02 AM Z
Je vais aller a Paris! Nze, are you there?
 Bob Kiss 11/24/04-09:32:13 PM Z
jibber jabber
 Jeff Foster 11/22/04-12:08:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/19/04-10:52:30 PM Z
 Nick Makris 11/19/04-09:40:39 AM Z
 Marie Wohadlo 11/19/04-09:23:10 AM Z
jibber jabber - naive
 Marie Wohadlo 11/19/04-09:49:09 AM Z
jibber jabber - naive - now dag
 Marie Wohadlo 11/19/04-10:18:54 AM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 11/19/04-10:06:43 AM Z
Jobo 3005, PMK, & 5x7 Tri-X
 [email protected] 11/19/04-08:53:24 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/19/04-08:06:56 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/19/04-07:04:46 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/19/04-12:58:11 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/19/04-12:55:00 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/19/04-12:50:54 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/19/04-12:49:50 PM Z
 Michael Healy 11/19/04-12:40:38 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/19/04-12:12:27 PM Z
Keith... emulsion question
 Bill William 11/28/04-09:13:00 AM Z
Kodalith fine line developer formula (sort of)
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/23/04-03:46:06 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/23/04-03:18:03 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/23/04-03:14:32 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/23/04-12:17:12 PM Z
 Ed Buffaloe 11/23/04-12:12:45 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/23/04-11:49:12 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 11/23/04-10:06:10 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/23/04-09:51:33 AM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/23/04-09:53:22 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 11/23/04-09:25:31 AM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/23/04-09:17:30 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/22/04-11:06:17 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/22/04-10:34:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/22/04-09:54:24 PM Z
Luis Gonz�lez Palma, and mock Ambrotypes
 [email protected] 11/18/04-10:47:14 PM Z
 REDROCKET 11/18/04-07:14:19 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-05:54:24 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/18/04-01:17:58 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/18/04-11:50:02 AM Z
 REDROCKET 11/18/04-11:30:10 AM Z
Mac OS on a PC
 Don Bryant 11/24/04-06:37:48 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/24/04-05:39:36 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/24/04-05:28:14 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/24/04-12:14:08 PM Z
Mark Nelson's Precision Digital Negative
 Allen Zalsman 11/27/04-09:58:53 PM Z
MIS UT inks on transparent media
 Kees Brandenburg 11/04/04-04:34:00 AM Z
 Hans & Chia 11/02/04-06:04:14 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 11/02/04-04:13:14 AM Z
 Hans & Chia 11/01/04-05:13:03 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 11/01/04-07:00:42 AM Z
Modifying bleaches
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/30/04-11:34:33 AM Z
 MARTINM 11/30/04-03:20:37 AM Z
 Bill William 11/30/04-04:13:12 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/29/04-12:12:01 PM Z
 MARTINM 11/29/04-11:46:25 AM Z
 Charlie Goodwin 11/29/04-07:25:10 AM Z
 MARTINM 11/29/04-06:18:50 AM Z
 Charlie Goodwin 11/28/04-11:38:38 PM Z
Modifying bleaches and handling muriatic
 Charlie Goodwin 11/30/04-09:43:53 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/29/04-11:06:53 PM Z
Modifying bleaches)
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/30/04-03:23:14 PM Z
modifying scanner
 Tom Ferguson 11/19/04-09:23:39 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/19/04-08:08:13 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/19/04-07:40:03 AM Z
 graeme.lyall 11/19/04-01:02:40 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/18/04-10:57:57 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/18/04-10:32:41 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/18/04-09:59:58 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 11/18/04-08:32:01 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/18/04-04:09:24 PM Z
 Jason DeFontes 11/17/04-02:02:14 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/17/04-11:52:29 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/17/04-09:44:19 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/17/04-09:13:13 AM Z
modifying scanner)
 Dave Rose 11/20/04-09:17:47 AM Z
 Michael Healy 11/19/04-10:13:18 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/19/04-08:40:48 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/17/04-05:10:26 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/17/04-05:06:16 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/17/04-04:41:21 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/17/04-04:13:52 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/17/04-03:59:52 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/17/04-03:50:39 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/17/04-03:42:02 PM Z
 STUART GOLDSTEIN 11/17/04-12:56:31 PM Z
More on Crystal Clear OHP
 Sandy King 11/06/04-12:59:20 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/06/04-11:58:30 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/06/04-11:48:11 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/06/04-11:12:04 AM Z
More on quadtone inks
 Gerry Giliberti 11/16/04-12:05:23 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 11/16/04-03:46:53 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/15/04-06:04:17 PM Z
Mourning images
 Jeremy Moore 11/17/04-01:33:45 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/17/04-12:53:02 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/17/04-07:58:16 AM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/17/04-01:18:32 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 11/16/04-10:26:15 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/16/04-10:04:43 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 11/16/04-08:15:52 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/16/04-06:28:01 PM Z
my email
 Susan Huber 11/11/04-01:15:24 AM Z
 Kate M 11/09/04-05:06:38 PM Z
 SteveS 11/09/04-02:22:17 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/09/04-11:59:22 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/09/04-09:32:55 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 11/09/04-09:21:49 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/09/04-08:25:23 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/09/04-06:26:50 AM Z
 Timo Sund 11/09/04-03:06:42 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/08/04-09:54:31 PM Z
new cianotipe
 Susan Huber 11/20/04-12:43:37 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/19/04-04:35:11 PM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/18/04-02:21:29 PM Z
New Material: Slimline Inkjet Film
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/13/04-11:43:57 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/13/04-05:06:18 PM Z
new to list
 Sean 11/05/04-09:34:03 PM Z
 Jack Brubaker 11/04/04-09:24:49 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/03/04-11:20:08 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:20:49 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 11/03/04-07:18:23 PM Z
 tripspud 11/03/04-07:04:49 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:03:17 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-06:56:09 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-06:46:09 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 11/02/04-10:41:34 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/02/04-10:08:13 PM Z
 christine shepherd 11/02/04-08:36:07 PM Z
 Kate M 11/02/04-02:46:59 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/02/04-01:55:56 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/02/04-11:20:35 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/02/04-10:56:17 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/02/04-10:01:17 AM Z
new to list)
 Judy Seigel 11/03/04-11:01:08 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/03/04-08:42:08 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:12:59 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:10:12 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/03/04-05:54:38 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-04:22:09 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/03/04-03:47:59 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 11/03/04-01:07:17 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-12:51:15 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/03/04-12:49:20 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-12:21:10 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 11/03/04-11:34:17 AM Z
 Christina 11/03/04-10:49:11 AM Z
 Dave Rose 11/03/04-10:08:43 AM Z
News of Peter Fredrick?
 Ed Buffaloe 11/17/04-09:49:24 AM Z
NOTE to Christina Z. Anderson
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/28/04-09:39:22 AM Z
 Dennis Moser 11/28/04-09:32:54 AM Z
OT: When dairy products go bad
 Katharine Thayer 11/11/04-12:34:59 PM Z
Paolo Roversi
 andrew Lindy 11/24/04-09:27:41 AM Z
Paper Preshrinking
 Michael Healy 11/30/04-05:32:01 PM Z
Peter Frederick and Temperaprint
 HNMM CLEARY 11/22/04-07:19:06 AM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/21/04-01:29:35 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/18/04-06:53:32 AM Z
 HNMM CLEARY 11/18/04-06:27:26 AM Z
Photoshop CS and NikonD-70
 Alex Swain 11/14/04-08:13:03 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/14/04-01:02:50 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/13/04-11:16:07 AM Z
 Alex Swain 11/13/04-09:30:16 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-08:05:07 AM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/13/04-02:25:44 AM Z
planned obsolescence rules
 Don Feinberg 11/22/04-04:52:13 PM Z
 Bill Laidley 11/22/04-04:28:46 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/22/04-04:00:56 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/22/04-03:27:51 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/22/04-03:27:27 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/22/04-12:11:40 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/22/04-10:57:00 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/22/04-07:32:41 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/21/04-10:09:57 PM Z
 Catherine Rogers 11/21/04-12:46:27 AM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 11/21/04-02:32:16 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/21/04-03:23:18 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/21/04-10:41:13 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/21/04-02:25:57 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/20/04-09:25:34 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/20/04-09:07:43 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/20/04-08:54:05 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/20/04-08:08:23 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 11/20/04-12:03:51 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 11/20/04-11:55:44 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/20/04-12:21:19 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/19/04-11:46:21 PM Z
planned obsolescence rules - gimp
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/23/04-05:33:30 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/23/04-07:29:15 AM Z
 terry lindquist 11/22/04-06:21:34 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/22/04-09:06:48 PM Z
 Catherine Rogers 11/22/04-04:59:02 PM Z
Polaroid 8x10 technique
 andrew Lindy 11/24/04-02:54:01 PM Z
Polaroid Type 55 available in England?
 philippe berger 11/11/04-03:08:26 AM Z
 philippe berger 11/11/04-02:52:11 AM Z
 Alan Mynett 11/11/04-02:41:08 AM Z
 Iain 11/10/04-03:04:26 PM Z
 PhotoGecko Austin 11/10/04-02:58:51 PM Z
POP process
 Susan Huber 11/11/04-01:36:18 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/11/04-01:09:07 AM Z
 Jeff Sumner 11/11/04-08:52:01 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/11/04-01:26:53 AM Z
 Martin Angerman 11/09/04-08:54:58 PM Z
 Jonathan Borden 11/09/04-01:07:30 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/09/04-11:52:38 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 11/09/04-09:27:07 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/09/04-08:23:08 AM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 11/09/04-07:56:19 AM Z
 Susan Huber 11/09/04-07:29:58 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/09/04-06:36:24 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/09/04-06:31:26 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 11/09/04-05:46:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/08/04-11:35:27 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/08/04-07:52:21 PM Z
 Mike Kirwan 11/08/04-07:40:02 PM Z
 SteveS 11/08/04-06:56:54 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/08/04-05:00:19 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 11/08/04-03:40:05 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/08/04-03:20:55 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/08/04-03:42:14 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/08/04-02:40:09 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/08/04-02:36:12 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/08/04-12:37:15 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/08/04-11:45:43 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/08/04-11:03:47 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/08/04-09:15:48 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/08/04-09:04:23 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/08/04-09:02:50 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/08/04-09:01:33 AM Z
 shannon stoney 11/08/04-08:57:38 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/08/04-08:53:28 AM Z
 Mike Kirwan 11/08/04-08:27:24 AM Z
 Jeff Sumner 11/08/04-08:10:27 AM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 11/08/04-08:09:53 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 11/08/04-08:02:40 AM Z
 Jeff Sumner 11/08/04-07:44:16 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/08/04-12:26:54 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 11/08/04-12:02:11 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/07/04-11:13:23 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/07/04-09:16:54 PM Z
 shannon stoney 11/05/04-06:41:52 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/04/04-09:33:44 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/04/04-09:23:15 PM Z
portfolio comments
 Ray Bidegain 11/20/04-11:41:55 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/09/04-08:44:50 AM Z
Putting Together a Book of Proofs
 Dennis Moser 11/15/04-05:33:13 AM Z
 SteveS 11/15/04-12:55:49 AM Z
 Schuyler Grace 11/14/04-11:26:56 PM Z
 Jason DeFontes 11/14/04-11:07:41 PM Z
 Ehud Yaniv 11/14/04-10:38:49 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 11/14/04-10:21:20 PM Z
Putting Together a Book of Proofs)
 Ehud Yaniv 11/14/04-11:28:40 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 11/14/04-11:24:46 PM Z
 Ehud Yaniv 11/14/04-10:51:38 PM Z
question for silver gelatin users
 Jordan Lee 11/29/04-09:18:40 AM Z
 Kate M 11/29/04-02:23:02 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/29/04-04:22:08 AM Z
 Kate M 11/29/04-03:38:23 AM Z
 Bill William 11/29/04-03:12:34 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/29/04-12:03:46 AM Z
Question on Gumm Printing
 Joe Smigiel 11/08/04-08:28:09 AM Z
 Christina 11/08/04-04:59:44 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 11/20/04-09:26:19 AM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/20/04-04:29:35 AM Z
 Michael Healy 11/19/04-04:45:47 PM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/16/04-08:30:08 AM Z
QUID PRO QUO-you asked for more!
 Bob Kiss 11/20/04-04:04:28 PM Z
RC paper longevity
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/07/04-11:54:41 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/07/04-07:49:16 AM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/07/04-06:09:57 AM Z
 roger kockaerts 11/07/04-03:38:44 AM Z
 roger kockaerts 11/07/04-03:20:35 AM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 11/06/04-10:51:07 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/06/04-08:42:26 PM Z
Re Palladium vs. Gold Chloride toning
 [email protected] 11/30/04-09:18:32 PM Z
 nwlorax 11/30/04-06:29:28 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/30/04-05:21:52 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/30/04-04:37:08 PM Z
 nwlorax 11/30/04-04:05:44 PM Z
report on glyoxal yellowing
 Katharine Thayer 11/15/04-02:16:35 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/15/04-09:48:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/15/04-01:39:27 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/15/04-01:23:16 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 11/15/04-11:03:55 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/15/04-07:04:40 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/14/04-07:43:13 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/14/04-12:52:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/14/04-12:00:45 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/13/04-03:33:12 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 11/13/04-01:59:26 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/13/04-09:49:09 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/13/04-01:39:28 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/13/04-01:09:47 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/13/04-08:13:06 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/12/04-01:11:33 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/11/04-08:13:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/11/04-06:33:36 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/10/04-08:38:49 PM Z
report on glyoxal yellowing)
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/14/04-12:19:22 PM Z
R�f. : copyjet film.
 philippe berger 11/13/04-12:43:47 PM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/13/04-11:38:24 AM Z
 philippe berger 11/13/04-02:31:04 AM Z
R�f. : Digital negatives and Cyanos
 philippe berger 11/21/04-04:09:51 AM Z
Scanner Recommendations?
 Jeremy Moore 11/17/04-01:37:44 PM Z
 Michael Healy 11/17/04-01:34:42 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/17/04-01:16:54 PM Z
 Alistair Calder 11/17/04-12:57:19 PM Z
sizing question
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/25/04-01:05:06 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/25/04-02:19:26 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-01:32:36 PM Z
 Kate Mahoney 11/24/04-01:14:40 PM Z
 Isabella M. Trauttmansdorff 11/24/04-09:30:57 AM Z
Stainless Steel Sink FREE!!!
 Martin Salowey 11/18/04-07:18:06 AM Z
Starch sizing for Gum
 Jeremy Moore 11/29/04-10:47:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/29/04-10:37:25 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/29/04-07:20:18 AM Z
 Kate M 11/29/04-04:05:01 AM Z
 Jeremy Moore 11/28/04-11:49:01 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 11/28/04-09:01:43 PM Z
Step Wedge
 Etienne Garbaux 11/11/04-06:28:17 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/11/04-08:07:13 PM Z
 Jonathan Borden 11/11/04-01:33:12 PM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 11/11/04-07:41:10 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/11/04-02:36:39 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/11/04-05:40:49 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/11/04-02:52:21 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/11/04-06:40:48 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/11/04-04:27:28 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/11/04-04:23:48 PM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 11/11/04-02:50:13 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 11/11/04-12:05:04 AM Z
 Martin Angerman 11/10/04-11:22:10 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/10/04-11:14:30 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 11/10/04-10:20:01 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/10/04-08:47:33 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/10/04-03:24:14 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/10/04-02:51:30 PM Z
 Gregory Blank 11/10/04-01:24:54 PM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/10/04-12:52:30 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/10/04-12:48:16 PM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 11/10/04-12:24:01 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/01/04-08:33:39 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/01/04-04:26:06 AM Z
Sun lamp
 [email protected] 11/29/04-04:03:33 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/29/04-03:41:39 PM Z
Thank you
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/14/04-02:27:25 AM Z
Toning Question
 James Matthews 11/29/04-08:42:29 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/28/04-09:24:53 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 11/26/04-07:20:27 AM Z
 James Matthews 11/24/04-02:01:43 PM Z
Tooth and consequences: Yupo
 [email protected] 11/15/04-03:34:30 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/14/04-07:31:57 AM Z
tooth and no tooth
 philippe berger 11/14/04-05:47:44 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/14/04-12:59:53 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/13/04-11:55:30 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/13/04-11:37:01 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-10:26:28 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/13/04-08:45:48 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-08:38:26 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/13/04-07:02:31 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-06:44:02 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-06:30:03 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/13/04-06:20:33 PM Z
 philippe berger 11/13/04-12:42:41 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/13/04-12:28:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/13/04-01:11:16 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/13/04-12:54:15 AM Z
Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?
 Sean McGrath 11/20/04-02:18:42 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/19/04-11:57:20 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/19/04-08:45:00 AM Z
 Peter Marshall 11/19/04-06:12:31 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/18/04-09:40:09 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/18/04-09:14:27 PM Z
 Bill William 11/18/04-05:51:24 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/18/04-05:47:04 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/18/04-04:48:26 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/18/04-04:46:07 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/18/04-04:39:13 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/18/04-03:56:58 PM Z
 Bill William 11/18/04-12:21:47 PM Z
 Bill William 11/18/04-12:06:06 PM Z
 Ed Buffaloe 11/18/04-10:47:00 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/18/04-10:07:40 AM Z
 Nick Zentena 11/18/04-09:32:26 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 11/18/04-09:23:27 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/17/04-11:25:28 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/18/04-06:58:45 AM Z
 MARTINM 11/18/04-05:31:25 AM Z
 MARTINM 11/18/04-05:24:41 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 11/18/04-05:28:22 AM Z
 Louis de Stoutz 11/18/04-04:30:11 AM Z
 Bill William 11/18/04-03:21:22 AM Z
 Nick Makris 11/17/04-06:20:56 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/17/04-06:08:35 PM Z
 Liam Lawless 11/17/04-05:49:07 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/17/04-05:10:01 PM Z
 Ed Buffaloe 11/17/04-05:07:34 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/17/04-04:31:35 PM Z
url link to processing "digital negative" in photoshop.
 Alex Swain 11/11/04-08:32:30 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 11/11/04-08:23:57 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 11/10/04-02:35:58 PM Z
 Alex Swain 11/10/04-07:20:49 AM Z
UV Density of inkjet transparency films
 Sandy King 11/09/04-10:55:25 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 11/09/04-10:42:35 PM Z
Want more glow in Pt/Pd
 Jason DeFontes 11/17/04-01:45:20 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/16/04-10:50:58 PM Z
 Kerik 11/12/04-11:05:33 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/12/04-10:51:27 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/12/04-09:05:58 PM Z
 nwlorax 11/11/04-10:33:41 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/11/04-07:18:24 PM Z
 Jonathan Borden 11/11/04-01:23:43 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/11/04-01:49:28 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/11/04-06:55:26 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 11/10/04-09:12:23 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/10/04-07:40:03 PM Z
 Sandy King 11/10/04-07:19:20 PM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 11/10/04-06:53:37 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 11/10/04-04:39:23 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/10/04-04:14:49 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 11/10/04-12:57:42 PM Z
 Don Bryant 11/10/04-09:41:16 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/10/04-01:39:09 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 11/10/04-06:59:50 AM Z
 John Cremati 11/10/04-05:48:45 AM Z
 Loris Medici 11/10/04-02:13:00 AM Z
 Sandy King 11/09/04-11:21:54 PM Z
web sites for selling prints
 nze christian 11/11/04-03:20:19 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/11/04-10:14:44 AM Z
 shannon stoney 11/11/04-08:58:50 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/11/04-10:31:45 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/11/04-09:50:23 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 11/11/04-09:28:41 AM Z
What Insults on the list?
 Katharine Thayer 11/19/04-02:02:26 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/19/04-01:10:43 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/18/04-02:19:45 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/18/04-08:53:48 PM Z
What/how is Magnani Pescia sized with?
 Katharine Thayer 11/26/04-11:54:32 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/25/04-01:57:55 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/25/04-04:50:34 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 11/24/04-10:04:50 PM Z
Which Artistico?
 Katharine Thayer 11/29/04-04:07:59 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-07:15:20 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/03/04-06:40:06 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/03/04-07:47:11 PM Z
 Temi 11/03/04-05:27:15 PM Z
 JUAN MIGUEL JUSDADO 11/02/04-11:35:38 AM Z
 Kate M 11/01/04-11:05:26 PM Z
 Dave Rose 11/01/04-09:36:09 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/01/04-08:21:33 PM Z
 [email protected] 11/01/04-08:04:36 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/01/04-07:21:46 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 11/01/04-07:01:32 PM Z
 Hisun Wong 11/01/04-06:58:57 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 11/01/04-06:49:38 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 11/01/04-10:36:42 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 11/01/04-04:53:39 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/01/04-06:54:25 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 11/01/04-04:37:31 PM Z
 Timo Sund 11/01/04-04:07:54 PM Z
 Bob Kiss 11/01/04-03:59:15 PM Z
 Loris Medici 11/01/04-03:39:41 PM Z
 Jim Strain 11/01/04-11:29:28 AM Z
 Don Bryant 11/01/04-11:15:17 AM Z
 SteveS 11/01/04-11:05:57 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/01/04-12:44:46 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 11/01/04-10:37:00 AM Z
 Marilyn 11/01/04-10:28:33 AM Z
 [email protected] 11/01/04-10:20:42 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 11/01/04-12:16:00 PM Z - Thanks!
 Keith Gerling 11/02/04-06:56:15 PM Z

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