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I have been rereading Mike Ware's Cyanotype book. Lots of interesting
stuff - but spread through out the book.

Since there is some interest in the difference between the traditional
cyanotype and Mike Ware's new cyanotype - I tought I would summarize
things from his book

But not in one posting :)

a cyanotype can be made with pottasium ferricyanide by itself. A 10
to 16% solution of pottasium ferricyanide ...

 "is capable of producing a well-graduated, clean negative-working
print of a somewhat greenish-blue (23c7 to 23e7), but of rather low
maximum density"

The exposure time is very long - 1 to 2 hours in bright sunlight.
Detectable amounts of hydrogen cyanide gas are released during
exposure - so this should not be done in a confined space.

More later.


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