Re: Building PS curves for alternative processes with the InkjetCompanion

From: jack reisland ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/27/04-04:16:53 PM Z
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Sorry, I was referring to my experience on the Epson 1280. I should have
been specific. But, as you point out, the ink from a 2000P still does not
directly correspond to film in UV blocking. I have also found that the UV
blocking properties of second party ink can vary from Epson ink for the
same printer.
  By the way, have you been able to develop a correlation scale for the
density readings for the Epson 2000P using your UV densitometer?

Sandy King wrote:

> Jack,
> That is not true, at least in my experience with printing on OHP with
> the Epson 2000P. The inks actually black more UV light than film
> developed in non-staining developers.
> Sandy King
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