Re: Building PS curves for alternative processes with the Inkjet Companion

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Date: 05/27/04-12:34:15 PM Z
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> Be aware that regular transmission densitometer readings of inkjet output do not correspond to transmission densitometer readings of film, as the ink on OHP does not block UV the same way that silver on film does. The only way to get an accurate reading is with a UV densitometer. You can print out a negative on OHP that will give you perfect full spectrum densitometer readings, but it will block much less UV than a film negative with the same full spectrum densitometer readings.

Yes I am aware that a convention densitometer does not accurately read UV transmissive densities for OHP (or pyro processed film negatives as well). I beleive a densitometer such as a XRITE 361T is required for UV readings, perhaps I'll try to purchase one someday. Thanks for pointing that out.

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