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Or maybe Kevin went to visit a Phenomenal Proctologist and just hasn't
returned yet—I'm sure he will receive his reward in the end for all this worry he
has caused.

Mark Nelson

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> Katherine,
> I understand, really I do.
> I have such admiration for a phenomenological pragmatist, such as
> yourself.  (Or is it a pragmatic phenomenologist. . . ? I'm not sure.)
> Anyway, if you know the location of KM's office (which I'm sure he's
> out of, but never mind that), and can get there and gain access, please
> take a look and let us all know what you see.
> Meanwhile, the rest of us are on the streets and byways searching with
> all due diligence.
> (Geeze. . . I wonder if these prints will *ever* dry)
> -J
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