RE: Out of the office this week.

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Date: 05/22/04-09:42:23 PM Z
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Spammer Kevin

You are fortunate -- most list managers will drop you permanently from the distribution after just one message... Fortunately this
list seems to like you and your spam.

Hope you are having a great trip wherever you ended up.

Meanwhile --->'ve been added to the Spambayes list as Spam. Don't think I'll be reading anything more about you.
...I'll never have to sit up late reading the list mail wondering just where you went and why you were so considerate (not) to turn
on your autoresponse to the list mail...

Don't bother sending me mail direct-- I won't get your spam.

A lurker who does 12x20 Platinum.

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Subject: Out of the office this week.

Out of the office this week.

I will be out of the office until June 1, 2004. If you need
to speak with someone call 574-252-5772 or email Thank you, Kevin.
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