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Date: 05/21/04-08:54:14 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

>This is what I was trying to say to Sandy a while back and couldn't make
>myself understood, in the context of percent solution of gum. I notice
>in one of the articles I read today that as far back as 1930,
>researchers knew that percent solution of gelatin is not a useful
>measure and that "in order to obtain results truly comparable with each
>other the estimations should be carried out on solutions containing
>equal concentrations of nitrogen." (Galinsky, 1930).

I don't find any of of this relevant to the issue of making carbon
prints. I have used over the years more than a dozen different
gelatins from many suppliers,including both porcine and ossein
sources, and they all gave good results in carbon printing. Whether
the concentration of nitrogen makes any difference I don't know but I
would not put stock in any reports that show that it does unless the
tests were actually made in conjunction with making real carbon

As far as I have been able to determine the major factor in
determining how a given gelatin will work in carbon printing is its
Bloom, yet more than one person has insisted to me that this should
not matter at all.

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