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The show went well. It was an "open studios" in Newton, MA, where the studios were in homes scattered around the city. The house I was in had around 170 visitors, and I sold 7 prints with another person still considering one. Of the prints, there were 3 cyanotypes (Boats on the Seine, a different lighthouse on Cape Cod, and a shrine in Kamakura, Japan), 2 lith prints, 1 FSA toned print and a silver gelatin infrared print. My favorite didn't sell, I think because it was expensive, but a number of people oogled it. It was an 11x17 cyanotye of the same Boats on the Seine scene.

Overall the response I got was very positive, but a lot of people were more "gallery hopping" than buying, but I think all 90 or so artists who participated sold something over the 2 days. Most people seemed to like the prints or types of prints that I liked the best.

You can see some of my other photos (I haven't had a chance to update the site with new shots or reorganize it) at I probably also need a better scanner one of these days.

I love the cyanotype you posted with the lighthouse and the cats on the wall.

Bill Leigh
> Bill, how was the show and the feedback from non-photographers? Do you
> have more lighthouses online?
> BTW, see a lighthouse photo (printed in cyanotype) made by one of my
> students (I did a short introductory/overview workshop of so-called
> alternative techniques with few participants in our photo club last
> month) here:
> Unfortunately the scanner bed is not big enough to scan all the print
> without cropping brushmarks and/or without causing light fall in the
> edges.
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> > This image is one of a series I am printing of several Cape 
> > Cod lighthouses. I'll be having these in a show this weekend, 
> > so I'll see what the feedback is from non-photographers.
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