Re: Judy Seigel Ruined My Day!

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/19/04-09:55:24 PM Z
Message-id: <>

On Sun, 16 May 2004, steves wrote:

> Gosh, I got my copy a day late, and all those short dollars, too. Aren't we
> gonna get a number 10? Pleeeease!!!

Actually, Steve, I forgot to mention that this was a double issue, #9 & 10
together.... Fifty-six pages, plus the 4 page Sources & Services insert
comes to 60 pages, but I crammed so much into every page -- notice how the
type is smaller and the leading tighter than usual, even the margins got
shaved... so it's actually more than 60 pages. If I weren't such a sport,
I'd charge extra....

meanwhile, thanks for caring,

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