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Date: 05/19/04-09:18:07 PM Z
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On Tue, 18 May 2004 wrote:

  To paraphrase someone, I think one of the
> good ol boys from Nazi Germany (perhaps Goebbels) "If you keep repeating the
> lie, pretty soon it will be seen as the truth."

It was Goebbels...

In the first days after 9/11, Nathan Lyons, one of our most interesting
photographers (though not mainly known as photographer), went around NYC
with a camera photographing artifacts, signs, graffiti, etc., as he does.
They were published in a book, I forget the name of (which was gone from
the used book store when I went back to get it). One of them was that
citation. Tho I've seen it elsewhere, too -- and of course we see it in
practice now before our very eyes... (NY Times front page headline today:
"White House Trumpets Programs It Tried to Cut.")

Lyons has a couple of other very intense little books. One is titled
"Notations in Passing," the other -- oh darn, something about the Titanic,
I believe.

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