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    Never apologize for questions--that's what we all are here for, to ask
and sometimes to be able to answer.

      Here are some notes I have about the differences between the two:

  The old one is a two part formula that you mix together at time of use,
the new is a one part formula that uses different ingredients...ammonium
iron oxalate, pot ferri, and ammonium dichromate as opposed to ferric
ammonium citrate and pot ferri in the old forumula

The complaints about the traditional (old) process are that it is rather
slow, the ammonium iron citrate grows mold easily, the sensitizer does not
often absorb into paper well, the Prussian blue is soluble and washes out
during wet processing, and stained highlights are quite common because
excess ferrous iron in heavily exposed areas diffuses out into the

The new formula is more sensitive to light, not attacked by mold, penetrates
more readily, and is less soluble than the traditional so it doesn't wash
out as easily. It also doesn't bleed, and is more resistant to alkalies. It
has dark (almost black ) density. It is less grainy. It does not damage
negatives during contact printing like the traditional one, which does so
because it is deliquescent (attracts water from atmosphere). The print out
image is a good indication of the final print. The downside of Ware's
formula is that it is more complex to prepare, more toxic, and more

The bottom line is that whichever one you use, they both work fine and you
just get used to using the one you use...there are many who think the
complaints about the "old" cyanotype formula just aren't so, or if so, not
that big of a deal. I've got both here now, and plan on using both on
Fabriano Artistico under gum, so we'll see what I find out. Last time I
compared both it was on Rives BFK.


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> Sorry about my question, but what is exactly the diference between old an
> new cianotype??
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> osky Burstein
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