Re: Tanning theory of dichromated colloids (was gelatin

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/18/04-02:30:54 AM Z
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MARTINM wrote:
> That's interesting. I wonder whether its (the free radical's) action would
> be sufficient for certain monomers to initiate polymerization.

MARTINM wrote:
        Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> "I didn't completely understand what he was saying so I haven't incorporated
>> it into my thinking. But is this what you're talking about?"

>I was thinking of adding monomers to the colloid

Yes, I completely misread the phrase "sufficient for certain monomers to
initiate polymerization." On re-reading it's perfectly clear; I
apologize for running off in an unproductive direction, and thank you
for patiently explaining in more detail what you meant. I still doubt
this has any relevance to gum printing, but I do appreciate the
dialogue very much.
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