Re: Streaming with pure Pt on Cot 320

From: Kerik ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/17/04-03:31:54 PM Z
Message-id: <>

> Dan wrote:
> Wanted: suggestions as to why a 3:1 ratio of pd:pt makes a great print
> but the same neg printed with pure pt suffers from either weak blacks
> (when single coated) or streaming (migration of metal into highlight
> areas) when double coated. ...

My question would be why bother?? In general, it is much more difficult to
get a smooth, rich print from straight Pt than from sraight Pd or a Pt/Pd
mix. Plus, the Pt solution costs roughly 4x as much as the Pd solution. If
you're looking for more neutral tones, use ammonium citrate developer or
use the Ziatype process.

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