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Date: 05/17/04-02:48:53 PM Z
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Yes, I enjoyed looking at your work.

I wonder if you would describe how you tone your kallitypes with
selenium. I have toned most of my kallitypes with either gold or a
combination of palladium and platinum and have never been quite
satisfied with selenium, but you appear to have found a good


>Lovely inages Mike, really nice page
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>Subject: A kallitype gallery
>Hello all,
>I've been making good progress on my kallitype printmaking and
>thought I would share a link to some of my prints. These are scans
>of the smaller prints, because trying to scan a 13x13 inch print on
>my 8 1/2x11 inch flatbed is frankly a pain in the rear end.
>These are all traditional kallitype prints that have been selenium
>toned. I try to put up 2 - 4 new prints a week, so keep checking
>back in.
>Michael Klemmer
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