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Date: 05/16/04-01:56:31 AM Z
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Rick, thank you very much again. I tried "classic cyanotype" with 3
watercolor papers and my results also were very different. One was very
grainy, muddy and the cold press surface turned to rough after development
(awful - it was a wood pulp paper), the other was nice in terms of contrast
but it was again grainy and I had staining caused by bleeding (the
non-sensitized sections got stain from the bleeding parts). And the last one
was very nice (despite its cold press structure) quick clearing, no
staining. Your examples show me the the new cyanotype will be quite a
struggle for me.

Can you please elaborate your experience with vellum? Which one is that, is
it Clearprint 1000H drafting vellum? I understand that this paper is 16lb /
60gsm. How does such a thin paper manages to survive wet processing? Doesn't
it curl/wave like crazy (was it you saying "I'm ironing the paper in order
to get good contact in the frame....")? ect. ect. I really don't understand
this vellum stuff (AFAIK, we don't have that here in Turkey).

Thanks again,

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> One more thing I almost forgot. I did some paper testing a couple of
> back and I put the results on the (a very primitive) web site. If you're
> interested, please see:
> CTII is the new cyanotype. CTI is traditional.
> Note that this is before I started using drafting velum.
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