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I had a similar problem with a group of Polaroid 55p/n negatives-- I
basically had just pulled the positives and thrown the rest of the film
packs down, then decided (a day or two later) to try to work with the
negatives. The paper backing was stuck to the negatives, of course,
similar to your problem. I soaked the lot of them in a dilute solution
of Photo-Flow and was able to slide the paper off the negatives (which
by this time had shrunk, warped and burned to the point that I got some
very interesting print results.) Failing all else, you might give 'em a
Photo-Flow bath.

Hope this helps!

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On Saturday, May 15, 2004, at 03:43 PM, Sandy King wrote:

> Lisa,
> You don't get it off. Because of water drops or excessive moisture
> from inadequate drying of the coated gum paper the gelatin of the
> negative stuck to the paper and became a permanent part of it through
> exposure and hardening.
> Best thing is to scan the negative and print a digital negative.
> Sandy King
>> I am doing some gums today. Something went wrong and I now have
>> pieces of
>> pigment/gum/dichromate on the emultion side of the negative. An
>> original
>> 4x5 B&W kodak trix negative. Never had anything like this before.
>> How do I
>> get it off??
>> Lisa
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