Announcement: Tutorials in Pt/Pd printing, San Francisco

From: William Laven ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/14/04-11:29:28 AM Z
Message-id: <p06020438bccab23b39d3@[]>

After a long teaching hiatus, I'm returning to offering one-on-one
tutorials in Pt/Pd printing and Zone System (no workshops for the
moment) at my studio in San Francisco.

Please see my web page for info:

Please note that the page is very dated -- it lists workshops from
1998 since my service provider can't find the computer my page is on
in order to update it!! In any case, the page still has info on me
and a description of tutorials.

FYI, I'll be in Europe in June and July, but will return to SF in
August. Contact me now or in August if you'd like to schedule a
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