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From: Jeff Morris ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/14/04-07:51:57 AM Z
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If you haven't found a SCSI to firewire solution yet I'm using a Ratoc
Systems Firewire-Ultra SCSI on my BetterLight 6000K (a SCSI back for
4x5) and so far it seems to work quite nicely with OS 10.3.3. You might
give Ratoc a call and see what they have to say. I believe they make
other SCSI converters as well and their products are available on the
web through several companies that offer Mac products. They are in
SanJose, CA and can be reached at:
(408) 955-9400

Hope this helps,
Jeff Morris

On Thursday, May 6, 2004, at 11:40 AM, wrote:

> Hi Catherine,
> It might be so simple as to contact Imacon and ask them for the
> company that makes the one they packaged in the kit—or maybe they
> would be so kind as to just send you one—afterall, you paid a fortune
> for their scanner and they should help see that it works.
> When I first got my Imacon 848, it didn't work. I was in shock.  I
> called Imacon and the person I talked to said they could send me a
> refurbished 848.  I had just paid a small fortune for this brand new
> scanner.  I told him that I had just paid for a new scanner and I
> would not accept a used scanner for the price of a new one. 
> Furthermore, I told him that I hoped he had a good travel plan because
> my attorney also thought it was a really bad idea and would like to
> discuss options with him in a local county courtroom. There was a
> moment of silence and then he said to put the scanner back in the box
> and FEDEX would pick it up that very day.  It would be shipped
> overnight to Imacon where they would fix it and overnight it back to
> me the following day.  Now that was good service.  They actually did
> that and the scanner has worked wonderfully since then.  So don't be
> afraid to ask for help, and if need be, remind Imacon that in
> Australia you have the highest number of the most deadly poisonous
> snakes in the world and they are small enough and hardy enough to be
> shipped anywhere in the world heheheheheh
> I'm sorry you are experiencing all these ecological disasters.  I am
> sure our President George W would just love to make some
> recommendations that would be helpful to Australia in preserving their
> environment.  He has such a wonderful track record in this area and is
> just full of .....ideas.  I'll stop now too. (I was about to leap into
> the issue of privatization of war/Halliburton Soldiers, but I'll spare
> you my outrage)
> Have a great day,
> Mark Nelson
> Precision Digital Negatives
> In a message dated 5/6/04 3:05:27 AM, writes:
> Mark,
> We are attempting to try a SCSI <>Firewire adaptor - finding the right
> one is proving difficult. Thanks for that - you might have got it... A
> miracle is also a really, really good idea.
> I put out the fact that I was offering a reward as a PS to an earlier
> email. So some may have missed it. The reward is open to anyone. Yes,
> it probably would appeal to a gecko - I'm sure Arches Aquarelle
> (satine) is very delicious to all kinds of critters including
> blue-tongued lizards. More so perhaps if a lovely fruity still-life is
> printed on it in gum for example. (That wasn't going to be the print
> image offered as a reward but I might re-think that one.) The
> grasshopper plague is largely over due to the arrival of cooler
> weather, thank goodness. So, no, no matchboxes full of them.
> But, there is no end to the apocalyptic disasters here in Australia.
> Humans are prepared to reduce populations of koalas and kangaroos by
> shooting them (or running over them in cars and trucks) and also
> clear-fell thousands of acres of ancient hardwood forests and turn 400
> year old trees into woodchips. Hundreds of thousands more native
> animals are burned and poisoned in that process. Oh, I'll stop now.
> Thanks for your contribution
> Catherine 
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