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Date: 05/13/04-03:47:14 PM Z
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I have found nothing heavier than what you would normally expect -- I
believe it be something like 18 lb.. I buy it in 36 in. wide roles.

The saving grace with drafting Velum is its wet strength. It can be abused
in an amazing way when its wet and it still holds together. The downside to
using it is it tends to pucker a lot after coating when it dries. I usually
have to iron it very carefully (not too much heat) before the printing
frame otherwise I don't get close contact with a negative.

The 42 in. prints are only about 10 in. wide. The biggest square prints are
about 18 by 12 in.. The 18 by 12 I process in big trays. The long skinny
prints I actually fold in half and put into a big tray with the coating side
out. This beats trying to use a smaller tray and do the old wallpaper

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 Rick Retzlaff wrote
> I have probably printed over 100 prints (very large format -- up to
> 42 in.)
> -- it is very paper sensitive -- I tested about 20 papers and finally
> settled on drafting velum.


Have you done those large prints on drafting velum? Is there a heavier velum
you use for large prints or how do you handle processing the velum? It seems
that a large sheet of the velum would be very unwieldy to handle.

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