Re: Gold borax toner

From: Eric Nelson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/11/04-08:19:37 PM Z
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I've not had any albumen/salted paper toners last more
than an hour or so and they needed some replenishment
during their use as I would usually tone 5-10 prints
at a time. The gold SOLUTION alone lasts though, as
long as the borax, or thiocyante isn't added.

--- Andrew Frith <> wrote:
> I have some gold with borax toner I made up a few
> months ago I think it was.
> I'm using it for albumen. After doing some reading
> I'm finding conflicting
> reports as to its longevity. One source said keeps
> well and can be
> replenished, another said only good for half an hour
> after mixing?
> Can anyone chip in on their experience with the gold
> borate (?) toners.
> Thanks
> -andrew

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