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Since we're on the subject of VDBs, can I ask those of you that have seen
them in person to compare them to the look of something that I've been
making lately? I really like the look of Ilford warmtone fibre after being
toned in Selenium for 5 minutes. I find that the blacks take on a dark
chocolate look. Do VDBs have a similar look? What are the differences?


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> This is pretty common. All of my VDB solutions have plated, though I
> think it took quite a bit longer than two weeks. But if if prints ok
> then it is ok and in my experience the plating has not seemed to
> detract from printing qualities.
> Sandy King
> >Hello Everyone,
> >I have a bottle of VanDyke solution that is plating out the silver
> >to the inside of the bottle and also to the eyedropper. The solution
> >was made approximately two weeks ago and set aside to "ripen". The
> >solution seems to print okay, but I'm concerned that I maybe loosing
> >some denisity due to the loss of silver from solution. I don't
> >remember the solutions plating out in the past, though it's been
> >awhile.
> >The solution was from the traditional formula. Has anyone ever
> >encountered this before and know the reason for it?
> >
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