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Date: 05/07/04-06:40:41 PM Z
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For those who love animations (real animations, not the banal inanities of
the latest Spike & Mike), and can get to Brooklyn tomorrow (Saturday) or
the next day, there's a Czech animation festival at Brooklyn Academny of
Music that is a delight. I should probably modify that to say the program
(Finfarum) I saw is a delight, but overall I've found the Czechs the
world's greatest animators (not to mention the piquancy of seeing the
names "Dvorak" and "Klimt" in the credits).

You may ask what this has to do with alternative photography, but in fact
there were several scenes with photo montage backgrounds,the animations
being staged in and in front of them -- an animation-over so to speak (and
very effective).

One other point: in these versions of (presumably Czech) folk tales, the
*Devil* is the moralist, in fact something a softie. (Is this a trend?)

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