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That's up to you... It does work, and quite well if you are able to work out
the densities between you and your service bureau... Remember, they are RGB,
meaning you should convert your grayscale image to RGB for output.
 If you are working small, 8X10 or less, then I would recommend using a film
recorder such as Fuji makes. Again, this is RGB, but it is exposed onto
actual E6 chrome film and they come out spectacular. A lot easier to control
your density range of output also.
Again, not cheap, but once you get results they are worth it.
I don't have any idea what ranges you need for polymer, but it is fairly
easy to get a .30 highlight to 1.75 shadow in these films.
Best, Craig Z

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> You mentioned Dura-Trans...I was talking to a guy today about using it for
> transparencies in polymer photogravure. Neither of us were sure it would
> work well since Duratrans is a color process. Generally my transparencies
> have been inkjet using only black pigmented ink or imagesetter output. My
> experiments using colored pigmented inkjet output have been disasterous.
> You say you use DuraTrans though. Should I gamble the $35 and try it?
> Jon
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