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Date: 05/07/04-03:41:38 AM Z
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Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate biz.
Bottom line is the bottom line... companies are not going to produce a
product for a small amount of profit. Period.
I have gone mad for the last 25 years trying to keep up and substitute
materials for photogravure. Man I'm tired of it!
Thank god for Durst Lambda outputs and Dura-Trans film!
Craig Z.

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Subject: Pictorico Large format Discontinued

> Maybe I missed the thread, but I just called Pictorico and found they
> discontinued their large format OHP film! I'm considering purchasing the
> 7600, but wanted to confirm how much the Pictorico media for that would
> Turns out we can't get it anymore.
> I then called photo warehouse and found they have media that will work
with the
> 7600. Has anyone tried the Photo Warehouse stock in a large format Epson
> Jon
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