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From: Jim Collum ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/06/04-06:09:56 PM Z
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Well... I'm still nervous.. I tried calling as soon as I saw your email,
but he was out already. I'll call him first thing in the morning and ask
again, letting him know that their customer service is causing rampant
panic throughout the worldwide alternative processes community :^)

I'll post my findings tomorrow


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Subject: Re: Pictorico Large format Discontinued

Hi Jim,

Whew! I got the info from some confused-sounding sales rep. I'd trust
the sales
manager who you spoke with before I'd trust this girl, but I assumed she
looking at something that said it was discontinued. Thanks for the


Jim Collum wrote:

> I noticed this a few days ago. I ended up talking to the Sales manager
> for large format media, and was told/reassured (I was in a panic .. I
> print on a 7600) that the missing media was due to their relocation of
> their web site. That all should be well in a little bit. Who did you
> talk to for the information???
> Thanks!
> jim
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> Subject: Pictorico Large format Discontinued
> Maybe I missed the thread, but I just called Pictorico and found they
> discontinued their large format OHP film! I'm considering purchasing
> the Epson
> 7600, but wanted to confirm how much the Pictorico media for that
> cost.
> Turns out we can't get it anymore.
> I then called photo warehouse and found they have media that will work
> with the
> 7600. Has anyone tried the Photo Warehouse stock in a large format
> Epson printer?
> Jon
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