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Date: 05/06/04-03:09:34 PM Z
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> On Thu, 6 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > However, if the sizing is suitably retained after a preshrink and you
> > print three layers of gum on that with no added sizing and no staining
> > get a snappy gum print, I call that a suitable paper.
<Judy wrote>
> Chris, do I understand the above correctly -- that you size first and
> THEN shrink? If so, why?

Of course not. I'm talking about the sizing already there in the paper by
the manufacturer.

> I'll add, for the record, that contrary to what you said later in this
> thread you have been led to believe

      Wasn't led to believe anything. I thought I caveated my statement
well enough, as I said:
 "...paper supposedly shrinks 15% when first wetted
and dried. Don't know where I came up with that information, so it could be
     As I said, I questioned that figure myself. I think it came from a
watercolor class. Artistico, for the record, doesn't shrink much at all,
and after I wrote that post I was thinking, heck, if paper shrank that much,
an 11x15 piece would shrink over an inch each side, so it has to be
incorrect. Artistico seemed to shrink barely 1/4 inch. Which is why I
wondered if the kind of sizing put in by the manufacturer determined this in
any way.
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