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Katharine Thayer wrote:
 When I say I don't like a paper, that has nothing to do
> with whether the paper is suited for gum printing or not. In my
> experience ALL papers (with the exception of Arches 88) are suitable for
> gum printing.

The problem with saying something, as one of my brothers said to me
recently about a family misunderstanding, is that then you have to keep
saying more and more things to clarify or explain what you meant by the
first thing.

I don't mean of course that ALL papers work for gum printing. Some
papers, like Hosho Professional for example, disintegrate in the water,
and most Bristol boards I've tried work okay on the first soaking but
come unglued on their second encounter with water. And so forth. The
statement was hyperbolic of course, and written in haste, but the point
I intended to make by it was that as long as a paper can maintain its
integrity in water, most papers work fine for gum printing as long as
you understand and respect the paper. I've printed multiple gums on
mylar, on museum board, on mat board, on typing paper, on inkjet paper,
on just about every kind of watercolor paper and printmaking paper there
is, on many Japanese papers, on cardboard, on drafting vellum. I have
even printed on unsized Fabriano Uno and have shown and sold such
prints; I daresay many people wouldn't see the subtle difference between
how this paper prints and how I want it to print.

Other than Fabriano Uno, when I say I don't like a paper, it's almost
always about texture rather than anything about how well the paper
prints. But I'm repeating myself, adieu
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