Experience of different papers for alt. procs?

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Date: 05/06/04-11:39:43 AM Z
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Hello all!
I just thought I'd appeal to all you kind and helpful people to share
your hours of experience experimenting with different papers in the
A question I often get from beginners is which paper is best to use,
I have my favourites, but what could be better than asking other
I've put together a couple of questions and if you have the time to
fill them out, I, and many more will appreciate it. (I will publish
the results on the site here:
so everyone can share this information.)
If you could email like this I'd appreciate it:
Process: Cyanotypes
Works: Fabriano artistico, 140-lb hot-pressed paper
Doesn't work well: Winston and Newton papers
For the processes you use, and also add any additional tips you have
I would be most grateful.
For those of you producing digital negatives, I would also appreciate
if you could mail which 'paper' you print on and which ink that works
(You could mail me 'off list' if you want.)
Kind regards,

(For those of you who don't know me, I am the editor of a site
AlternativePhotography.com that collects and share information on
alternative photographic processes.)

Malin Fabbri
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