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Let me rephrase then: both catalogs explain the paper changes, so read
them. Whether they are wrong or right, I have no clue. Jerry's does not
say it is the same paper (in other words, Uno = Artistico hot press extra
white). Jerry's does say that the new Artistico has kept the old Uno's soft
pressed surface, so that could explain D. Smith's confusion.

Both catalogs do describe the sizing, which I am more interested in:
"externally and internally sized with a specially formulated, gelatin-free
sizing that is odorless when wet. It takes color beautifully, has
excellenct liftability and withstands scraping." The old Artistico had more
external sizing than the old Uno. It may be that Fabriano kept the positive
things of both papers and combined them: the heavier sizing, and the soft
pressed surface.

 That is important to me, because the sizing does affect gum practice.

Which leads me to my next point: if one gum printer DOES prefer a paper,
and another one DOESN'T, it probably indicates gum practice more than paper
unsuitability. Certainly in platinum, argyrotype, and cyanotype there are
papers that just don't work or really work poorly (e.g. an alkaline paper
will give you a bleached, washed out cyano). Whether a paper is suitable in
gum depends on whether the gum printer sizes or not, uses greater or lesser
pigment loads, prints more than one, or three, or five layers, etc. etc.

However, if the sizing is suitably retained after a preshrink and you can
print three layers of gum on that with no added sizing and no staining and
get a snappy gum print, I call that a suitable paper. Which Fabriano New
Artistico is. But don't go out and buy 100 sheets on my word, before you try
a sample pack. AT $3 a sheet at Jerry's that's not too bad a deal.

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> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
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> > The Daniel Smith catalog and the Jerry's catalog explain the differences
> > between old and new.
> Actually this isn't true for Daniel Smith; they echo the manufacturer's
> line that the New Artistico Extra White is the same as the old Fabriano
> Uno ("only the name has changed" says the catalog) but it turns out
> that's not the case at all; they are two different papers.
> Whether this is also true of the change from the traditional Artistico
> to the New Artistico Traditional White, of which the catalog also says
> "only the name has changed," I have no knowledge.
> kt
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