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We are attempting to try a SCSI <>Firewire adaptor - finding the right one is proving difficult. Thanks for that - you might have got it... A miracle is also a really, really good idea.

I put out the fact that I was offering a reward as a PS to an earlier email. So some may have missed it. The reward is open to anyone. Yes, it probably would appeal to a gecko - I'm sure Arches Aquarelle (satine) is very delicious to all kinds of critters including blue-tongued lizards. More so perhaps if a lovely fruity still-life is printed on it in gum for example. (That wasn't going to be the print image offered as a reward but I might re-think that one.) The grasshopper plague is largely over due to the arrival of cooler weather, thank goodness. So, no, no matchboxes full of them.

But, there is no end to the apocalyptic disasters here in Australia. Humans are prepared to reduce populations of koalas and kangaroos by shooting them (or running over them in cars and trucks) and also clear-fell thousands of acres of ancient hardwood forests and turn 400 year old trees into woodchips. Hundreds of thousands more native animals are burned and poisoned in that process. Oh, I'll stop now.

Thanks for your contribution
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  Have you tried a SCSI<>Firewire Adaptor? I think the Flextight III came with one of those.

  I'm sorry I missed any reference to a reward for solving your problem. Was this reward something that would only appeal to a gecko? Would a blue tongued skink also be interested in this reward? This reward wouldn't be a box of live crickets, would it?

  You folks aren't really gonna shoot those little koala bears over there are you? You sure do have your plagues—rabbits, kangaroos, grasshoppers, koalas..... it sounds like the Apocalypse.... you'll need Mad Max to come back and take care of things... though he seems awfully busy with miracles here right now.

  I think the list should appoint a committee to review those emails from Mr. Gecko, just to make sure they are appropriate and pertain to alternative processes only.

  Good luck with the Imacon/G5. Should be a nice combination.

  Mark Nelson
  â€”to be of service is my reward

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    It runs fine on a G4, but I don't have one of those! Imacon, the manufacturers, don't know how to get it to run on a G5 with OSX either!

    Finding a SCSI card and/or functioning connections which work on OS10.3 (or 10.2.9) on a G5 seems to be the problem.


    I will, however, certainly ask my techies about dumping the preferences file. Thanks for the suggestion.



    PS Reward still on offer. Mr PhotoGecko MIGHT end up with it on the strength of his excellent emails.
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