Re: Bergger Versus Forte/ PMK testing.

From: James Young ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/05/04-08:33:17 PM Z
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>Although I have not done any controlled 'testing' of these films,
>I've used both Bergger and Fortepan and I agree completely with
>Sandy's assessment - they are the same films under different labels
>and pricing. The fortepan being much cheaper (although it's been a
>couple years since I've purchased any).
>>I have also tested the three films produced at the plant in Hungary
>>(Bergger BPF 200, JandC Classic 200, and Fortepan 200) and in my
>>opinion they are one and the same.

A few years ago I special ordered some rolls of Bergger BPF 200.
When I peeled off the tape keeping the roll wound and cut off the
end, I found the tape was a "Forte" sticker. The film definitely
came out of the Forte factory. I was later told that bergger uses
their own emulsion recipe and hires forte to run batches of their
film. But ultimately the tests are the best judge. Jamie Young
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