Re: Glutaraldehyde again

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/05/04-05:58:58 AM Z
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P.S. I'll be extremely glad to see the end of this batch of Fabriano Uno
paper. If I had any sense I'd just ditch it or use it for drawing paper
or something instead of wasting time trying to render it printable;
surely the time and aggravation haven't been compensated by any
corresponding improvement in the paper's usability.

Katharine Thayer wrote:
> I don't think I've mentioned that I finally got around to doing some
> test prints on the glutaraldehyde-hardened gel-sized paper that I nearly
> wrecked my brains sizing a month or so ago, and I can't say I like the
> results. In fact, I very much don't like the results. For one thing, but
> not the only thing, Fabriano Uno sized this way prints exactly as
> unsized Uno prints, with attenuated DMax and contrast. So I haven't
> gained any printing advantage over unsized Uno, as a result of my scary
> experience, and I'm not happy.
> I see that I used .04% glutaraldehyde to gelatin and and that this was
> almost three times what Chris reported using (.015% was how I figured
> her percentage) so perhaps I just used it too strong, (although 4/100s
> of a percent hardly seems like a lot).
> I have to tell you: so far, I'm having a hard time finding any reason to
> like this stuff.
> Katharine Thayer
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